Work Fast. Schedule Meetings.

Minute Ninja helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails

Features that allow you to manage each minute of your busy day!

We specialize in helping business owners manage their busy schedules because we’re business owners too!

Calendar Integrations

Manage a single calendar with Minute Ninja and synchronize to all your work calendars


You manage your calendar and you can have an assistant manage your calendar alongside you


Send booking links to clients, add notes to each meeting, and quickly get your schedule under control

Time Zone Intelligent

Are you booking between multiple time zones? We handle that for you.

Works with your apps

Synch to your calendar apps, synch to your notes apps and synch to your Nebulome Project

Grows with your team

Minute ninja team view allows you to manage all your executives and teams in one place!

Custom Reports

Pull calendar reports, date reports and team reports so you can easily manage the team

Other Tools

Nebulome cloud has multiple tools to help you in your business. Check out more here.

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For those with the taste of excellence.

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For those with the taste of excellence.

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